Favorite Childhood Poetry 2

I've been really busy working on planning a trip home. This silly post was scheduled for 2 days ago, oops. Anyway, I promised you a part 2 and 3 and I'm back to deliver.

This second piece was handed down to me by my first grade school teacher, Ms. Hill. I'm sure that Ms. Hill has long since departed to a better place, but this piece still lives on inside my head and heart. It's beauty has haunted my memories all of my life. So, without further ado... for you Ms. Hill:

Favorite Childhood Poetry 1

My granddaughter came home and invited her mom to the "poetry slam" competition at her school next week. I wasn't invited, but I WAS amused. In light of slamming a little poetry, I thought that I might share a piece that I'm sure many of you have read before. This piece by Eugene Field, along with two others are my favorite childrens' pieces, I'll be posting the other two by and by. I just love the rich and wondrous imagery in this work.


It has been a really crazy week for me. Yesterday was the topper though. A week of playing at the park in the rain, having the cable installed, watching my grandson for 4 days and writing, I came down with some serious heat sickness on Wednesday.

I am getting better, but took quite a bit of time to sleep today. I had been