A Good Blogging Day and I Love Blogger...

Today is a good blogging day. I was very upset with my drop in page rank on Poetic Expression; which was due to url changes. Recently when I added the Poetic Expression blog, Google deemed it as a spam blog and gave me a PR of 0 right away. I was also unable to add it on Technorati for this reason.

Upon checking my blogs this morning though, Poetic Expression has not only regained its Page Rank 2, but has moved up to a Page Rank 3. Yay! Of course Technorati still won't let me claim it, but it's a step in the right direction.

Although it lacks a few of the really nice features of Word Press, the Blogger blogging platform by Google is so wonderful. I recently moved this page from another host on the Word Press platform, which now puts ALL of my blogs on Blogger.

I love the dashboard. Having everything in the same place makes it so much easier to stay organized and on top of comments and more. The only things that I don't like about it is that there are no cats and the comments moderation section doesn't specify which post the comments are from or allow replies, like Word Press. There are also a few hacks like read more and top tabs that are built into Word Press that would be really nice to have in Blogger, but I can code these in myself.

I'm excited and happy about the way things are moving now and have lots planned for my network of blogs. I hope you'll continue to join me.


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Joanne Olivieri said...

I like blogger as well. It's just so simple for me and I'm all about simplicity :)

Unknown said...

WOO HOO!!! On the other hand, DRATS!!! For IE8 wouldn't let me pull up Poetic Expression when I went to make sure that I had the right URL for it on my list for a future Sites To See.

Don't worry. I'm sure the problem is on my end. For it comes up just fine on Firefox, and I have been having a lot of trouble with IE8 lately when trying to pull up other sites.

Michele Cameron Drew said...

Jo, you are a jewel. :)

FishHawk, sorry I haven't even tried to check out that blog in IE. I do all of my work for FF because it's what I use and prefer.

After I finish completing the footer section of this page I will try to make sure it is IE compatible, then complete DA's new look(which is mostly done btw). They are based on the same template with completely different mods.

Then I will try to make Spectrum and Poetic Expression ie compatible as well... eeek.

I can't wait until I have all of my
templates the way that I really want them, so I can concentrate more on writing and promoting and less on coding(no matter how much I love it). :)


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