Spectrum and Poetic Expression Today Have Moved!

Spectrum has moved on to bigger and better places... on it's own domain! You can now find us here at our new home. Please update your links to http://www.spectrumwriters.com.

The new page at this address will be my new official author site and will be replacing Poetic Expression Today. I'm sorry for the abrupt change, but I am done at today.com. Post to follow soon.

-Michele Cameron Drew


Unknown said...

I suppose I should not shocked by the actions of Today.com. For examples of such behavior can be found everywhere, but I still find it most appalling.

Michele Cameron Drew said...

Thanks FishHawk...

It wasn't really any one thing that they did, just the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

I think I will be happier with my own space anyway.

I wasn't planning to use this domain for that purpose, but I think I will incorporate it into this blog.

I am already a lot happier with the option to use my own template. :)

Cruiselife & Co said...

Hi Michelle
I got sick of them as well and didn't write on there for 2 months. However they owe me 30 bucks, so I have to earn 20 more until I shut them down.

Michele Cameron Drew said...

They owe me almost twice that, but I will probably never see it.

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