Independence Day

We stood upon the shore
The sky afire with your love
Candles celebrating past
Bringing us into present
A day of independence
Of starting anew

Favorite Childhood Poetry 2

I've been really busy working on planning a trip home. This silly post was scheduled for 2 days ago, oops. Anyway, I promised you a part 2 and 3 and I'm back to deliver.

This second piece was handed down to me by my first grade school teacher, Ms. Hill. I'm sure that Ms. Hill has long since departed to a better place, but this piece still lives on inside my head and heart. It's beauty has haunted my memories all of my life. So, without further ado... for you Ms. Hill:

Favorite Childhood Poetry 1

My granddaughter came home and invited her mom to the "poetry slam" competition at her school next week. I wasn't invited, but I WAS amused. In light of slamming a little poetry, I thought that I might share a piece that I'm sure many of you have read before. This piece by Eugene Field, along with two others are my favorite childrens' pieces, I'll be posting the other two by and by. I just love the rich and wondrous imagery in this work.


It has been a really crazy week for me. Yesterday was the topper though. A week of playing at the park in the rain, having the cable installed, watching my grandson for 4 days and writing, I came down with some serious heat sickness on Wednesday.

I am getting better, but took quite a bit of time to sleep today. I had been

Getting Published: A Stairway to Heaven

I considered writing an article today on getting published. I opened up Google to start researching, and then I came across this wonderful article by Willie Meikle. I thought that I would just post a link here for you all to check it out. Perhaps I felt drawn to this particular piece as I often describe life as a ladder, or perhaps it's because Led Zeppelin was my favorite band growing up; I'm not sure.

Willie describes the path to published as a "Stairway to Heaven" in this inspiring article; which I believe is the perfect analogy. Check it out here!


A Good Blogging Day and I Love Blogger...

Today is a good blogging day. I was very upset with my drop in page rank on Poetic Expression; which was due to url changes. Recently when I added the Poetic Expression blog, Google deemed it as a spam blog and gave me a PR of 0 right away. I was also unable to add it on Technorati for this reason.

Riding the Bus - (something different)

The other day
Riding the bus
Strange woman
Evil looking
Through widened eyes
Every breath struggled

Just Another Exile

Let me start out by making it clear that when I started out on I signed an agreement that stated that I would retain my copyright. I worked my tail off trying to write, build and promote that blog along with my others while writing for three other sites.

I went through many many different themes and variations of the universal theme that I created myself. I was told to take things off of my blog(EC, Adgitize and a few other choice goodies) and promote their products. The dollar amounts in my account never matched the traffic that I received and I never reached payout. I am currently about $5 short of payout.

Spectrum and Poetic Expression Today Have Moved!

Spectrum has moved on to bigger and better places... on it's own domain! You can now find us here at our new home. Please update your links to

The new page at this address will be my new official author site and will be replacing Poetic Expression Today. I'm sorry for the abrupt change, but I am done at Post to follow soon.

-Michele Cameron Drew