Sonnet CDXXI(421)

Thy love's a treasure sweet and dost thou know?
Thy heart is one as large as one can be.
Thee holds my thoughts, my dreams, my very soul.
There's no one I could love, as I love thee.

Thy beauty lies far deep beneath the surface,
Although thy face, perfection to my eyes.
Thy tender kisses always leave me breathless.
This gentle sweet amour I can't disguise.

It's moments such as these that make me wonder,
If I can ever make my way back home,
To fall into thy arms and to fall under,
The spell thee weaves upon my heart alone.

My darling always know that come what may,
That I will love thee 'til my dying day.

—Michele Cameron Drew

Copyright ©2010 Michele Cameron Drew. All Rights Reserved.


livintheblues said...

I enjoyed that thank you

sammen said...

very inspiring sonnet :)

cfp exam prep North Carolina said...

Wonderful !! Very nice poem. It is very lovable and romantic.

How To French Kiss said...

What a pretty little sonet. It would make a nice tattoo.

Michele Cameron Drew said...

A tattoo? I've never thought of putting a sonnet on one's body, but I am flattered. =D

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